[Modified May 19, 2009. Having to modify this page to conform to "rules".]

I am looking to build a team. Maybe the word should be networking instead. Either way, I am looking for those who prefer to stay home, on a computer all day [or half a day or even a couple of hours a day], receive money for socializing on the net and who wouldn't mind receiving a little extra money [on the side] for promoting artwork/graphic designs [of mine] that will be on t-shirts and customized items [this will come later. This part is NOT part of Abundant Living System. I hope this is clear, as I was told I have to change the wording on this page].

For every person that joins under me in the Abundant Living System, I will send one ornament [of the individual's choosing, regardless of the level you join in on] to that person. You can see all the ornaments here.

I don't have just ornaments. I have other items as well, but I cannot list them. You are in NO way "purchasing" anything. This is NOT an incentive to get you to join the Abundant Living System. I have this page up for other reasons. I cannot come out and say what those reasons are, other than I was told that I have to change the wording on this page so that I don't get accused of breaking any "rules".

Join the Abundant Living System today so you can learn how to improve your life in terms of financial and educational.