Copyright Notice for Abundant Ace Website
Notice Posted on June 15, 2009

DO NOT assume that everything you see on the net is "public domain". This website [content, videos, articles, my ideas, graphics, etc] is NOT "public domain". This website is under Copyright from April 17, 2009 and later. I Grant this website to the following ONLY: Granted to the Abundant Living System Admin/team, Granted to the ALS community [ALS members] for the sole use of spreading the word on ALS and Granted to those who sign up [completely that is in terms of sending a gift] under me in the system for the sole use of spreading the word on ALS.

Some of the graphics on this site are "derivative works" of the Abundant Living System layout design and they are under "fair use" for the ALS community ONLY to either identify oneself as being an ALS member or to spread the word about the Abundant Living System. You can see the graphics at the Graphic Galleries page. Not all graphics are under my Copyright Notice. Each Graphics page will state at the top either as "This page and Graphics are EXCLUDED from my Copyright Notice. You are free to use them as you wish." or as "This page and Graphics are NOT excluded from my Copyright Notice. Those who violate the terms of this notice will be prosecuted." If you are confused about which graphics are excluded from this notice, you may contact me and ask.

Videos on my site are Granted to those stated above. Just because you see my videos that I put up at "video sharing" sites such as Youtube does not mean that this Copyright Notice is null and void. Regardless of what "video sharing" sites say in their TOS [terms of service], "video sharing" sites have to abide by the DMCA and Copyright Laws and whatever Copyright Notice I wish to express and serve.

Articles on this website may NOT be reproduced by anyone other than those who have been Granted to as stated above. If those who are Granted above wish to reproduce my articles on their own websites, blogs or in emails, they MUST either include the original url source of the article or the byline author name Abundant Ace.

Please make note that just because this website is Granted to ALS members does NOT mean that ALS members are granted to use the content [including my ideas I have written in my articles] on this site for other "cash gifting programs". Granting this website is ONLY for sole use of spreading the word on ALS.

Anyone who has any questions about this notice may contact me. Those who are NOT granted usage who violate this notice will be prosecuted. I do NOT enjoy putting notices on my site, but I have to due to "roaming internet goons".