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[Written on June 10, 2009]


What training comes with the Abundant Living System?

After you have sent your gift to your inviter and after you are confirmed in the system, you are given access to your own back office where you learn how to develop abundance. The back office consists of:

Post Card Marketing

Phone Broadcast System

Purchase Leads

Follow up and Coaching Services

Live Help Desk Support

Co-Op Marketing Services

PayPer Click

Video Marketing

Web 2.0 Marketing

Craigslist Marketing

Ezine/Solo Ad Marketing

Traffic Exchange Marketing

Pre-Written Invitations

Banner/Text Ads

Drop Card Marketing

Print Ads

The majority of these tools are for free. There are a couple of them that you have to pay to use [if you want to use them that is] like the coaching services for example. There are no hidden costs. When you click on each of the tools, you learn which ones are free and which ones you need to pay for if you want to use.

You don't only have these tools. You also have your inviter that you can go to for knowledge. The back office can be stimulating in terms of coming up with ideas on how to market yourself. The Abundant Living System allows you to stay home. You can learn at your own pace on how to use these tools.


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