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[Written on May 22, 2009]


What is Abundant Living System?

There are some that are quick to throw around labels on the Abundant Living System as being a "cash gifting club/program" without batting an eye. The Abundant Living System [ALS for short] is [as defined by the ALS itself] a private "by invitation only" membership community developed by members for members. Meaning that you cannot join directly through the ALS site. You have to be invited to ALS by an ALS member such as myself.

Abundance is defined as the proposition of building wealth in all areas and aspects of one's personal lifestyle to include economic, health, wellness and personal development. The mission of Abundant Living System is to provide tools and resources which are accessible to all on a global basis regardless of economic or educational background. ALS assists it's members in achieving Abundance for themselves, friends and families. ALS is not a one way street. You have to be willing to learn and "Apply Logical Steps" to improve your life. You can see the "Apply Logical Steps" inspiring video here.

The ALS motto [fitting for today's times] is 'Re-engineering the American and Global Dream'.


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