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[Written on June 10, 2009]


About using Moneybookers with Abundant Living System

Moneybookers [and even Alertpay] are good for international users [as opposed to Paypal] who want to participate in the Abundant Living System. Moneybookers not only have an office in the UK. They also have an office in New York. Moneybookers charges fees for money a person receives regardless of what the money is for. The fees are almost similar to what Paypal charges except they charge one penny less. Seriously.

I don't know if the verification process for Moneybookers is still the same. I know when I had signed up nearly a year back [in 2008 that is] for a Moneybookers account, all it took to be a "verified" user was that Moneybookers sent a registered letter to your house. This letter contained a confirmation number that you would have to enter on the Moneybookers site. No bank account or credit card required for verification.

Moneybookers does have some limits. After you are a "verified" user, You can only receive up to $8,329.20 in your account every 90 days. That's $2,776.40 a month you can receive. That's a little more than what you can receive through RME [short for Revolution Money Exchange] monthly. The sending limit in Moneybookers is $1,388.20 per transaction.

If you want to increase the limit with Moneybookers, you would have to add either a credit card or your bank account info and you would receive a limit of $6,941.00 added to $8,329.20 [which equals to $15,270.20] every 90 days. That's $5090.07 a month you can receive through Moneybookers. I don't know if the sending limit in Moneybookers increases too or not.

So if you want to use Moneybookers with the Abundant Living System, you would only be able to receive gifts up to $5,000 each month. It would be better to use it receive only the smaller gifts of $75, $150, $250, $500. Moneybookers will pay 0.6% of transaction value or EUR 100 for every referral you get signed up to Moneybookers [according to their FAQ section. I am not sure what the "exact" referral payment for Moneybookers is, as the explanation they give is sort of confusing].

In addition to spreading the word on the Abundant Living System, you can also spread the word on Moneybookers.


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