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[Written on June 4, 2009]


The Usual Disclaimer

It's sad that I have to word my writings a certain way due to "roaming internet goons" who work overtime to spread lies, hate, propaganda and drama in attempts to keep people away from having a chance at cash gifting and achieving abundance in life. You may find that I sound like a "broken record" in some instances around this site. Some things bear the need of "parroting".

It's not really the matter of writing articles. People just do not do thorough research to find out what is truth and what is lies. People just accept what the "media says" and even accept the first thing that comes up in Google search. That is not a way to do research. The "media" is not even a remotely reliable source. This is how easy propaganda can come walking in without you realizing it for what it is.

I wish people would change their way of thinking. You attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar. Negativity breeds negativity.


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