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[Written on June 7, 2009]


Sending Cash in the mail CAN be Safe

Some people are hesitant in participating in the Abundant Living System. Some people say that it's not safe sending cash through the mail. I have news for you. You CAN make it safe to send cash through the mail.

Before you put money [dollar bills, cash, whatever you want to call it] in a brown envelop, you first need to wrap the money in a piece of aluminum foil. If it's a wad of money [lots of bills], then wrap the money in 2 to 3 layers of aluminum foil. Then after you wrap the money in aluminum foil, put it in the brown envelop and mail it out.

Why the aluminum foil? Aluminum foil acts as a barrier in terms of not scanning barcodes properly. Most of you may not know this, but all the money bills [and this does not just apply to the USA, this applies to all countries] have barcodes embedded in them. If you were just to put money in an envelop [without wrapping it in aluminum foil] and mail it out, you risk the chance of having the envelop set off the postal scanner and risk the chance of the postmaster stealing that gift of money you are sending.

Why a brown colored envelop? To be discreet. It's nobody's business as to what you are sending out. Better off using a brown envelop with bubble lining on the inside than a regular brown envelop so that no one in the post office can feel and figure out what's inside it.


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