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[Written on July 7, 2009]


Commentary Insight on my First Press Release

It took me a few days to write it, as I had a case of writer's block. I don't feel it's worth the money to pay a "professional" when I am more than capable of writing myself.

I had wanted to put it out a couple of days earlier, but I ran into some problems. Sites that claimed to publish releases right away did NOT. And some of the sites that claim to be *free* were NOT free. I find this out right after hitting the submit release button and then on the next page after that, stating that in order for the release to show up on the site, I have to pay a fee. NOWHERE on some of these "free" sites do they say anything about paying a fee. You only find this out AFTER you attempt to submit a press release.

Screw that. A person, place or business that has to resort to deception in order to gain customers is a place that should NOT be patronized or supported. Don't support bad business ethics. Bad ethics get you nowhere, not to mention that it will come back to bite you in the ass one way or another.

My intention [like any other marketer] was to take advantage of the current media blitz and search engine frenzy. I know there are those that may not agree with this, and to those I say tough shit. It's a doggy eat doggy world.

I have a couple of other press releases in the works. I will not say when I will release them, other than it will be soon. At least I have made notes of descent press release sites so that I know which ones to not even bother wasting my breath or time with.


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