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King of Pop Shares Commonalities with the Abundant Living System

7/4/09- With the passing of a music legend and with the 4th of July holiday weekend upon us, the Abundant Ace found commonalities between the King of Pop and the Abundant Living System. For those that don't know, the Abundant Living System [or ALS for short] is a private "by invitation only" membership community. With that being said, the Abundant Ace provided the following list of commonalities:

* Michael Jackson was an inspiration to artists and non-artists alike. The Abundant Living System inspires those who want to be financially free by learning how to build abundance and prosperity in one's life.

* Michael brought joy everywhere he went. The Abundant Living System has brought joy to thousands of it's private members.

* Michael was loved by people for his music. The Abundant Living System is loved by it's members for the simplicity of it's system.

* Michael had a heart attack that robbed him of his oxygen supply. ALS can eat away at your debt if you Apply Logical Steps that you learn from the system to upgrade your lifestyle.

* Michael was preparing for an exciting comeback. The Abundant Living System has exciting changes coming. "What they are, I don't know," says Abundant Ace. "They're known to pull surprises. Like they had waved their admin fee for three months for instance."

The Abundant Ace invites you to celebrate your 4th of July by joining the Abundant Living System. It's change you can believe in. Freedom of what you wish to accomplish.

For more information about the Abundant Living System, visit http://www.abundantace.com It's the most comprehensive, informational site on the net about the Abundant Living System.

You can tour the Abundant Living System for FREE [without giving your Name, email address or Phone number yet] by going to: http://www.abundantace.com/link/?r=9


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