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[Written on June 10, 2009]


What if I receive gifts through Paypal and then a few months passes and one or more prospects file a complaint through Paypal to take that gift away from me just so that they can ride in the Abundant Living System for free?


First off, anyone who does this is not only an "Indian Giver", but that person has no morals or ethics. Also that person should NOT have ever been part of the Abundant Living System in the first place.

Second, anyone who joins ALS is REQUIRED to sign the two forms in addition to sending the gift. The Abundant Living System has ZERO tolerance for crybabies/wolves. So anyone who were to "cry foul" in order to take the gift they sent back, the ALS administration would revoke that person's membership PERMANENTLY.

This is why some ALS members are not even willing to accept/receive other gift forms. I am not like other ALS members. I believe that other forms should be available [and could be used] besides Cash.


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